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picture of a paddleboard featuring two pontoons and a deck.

August 5, 2019
For those of you that are curious - getting a puppy at the start of the paddling and building ‘busy’ season does not make you more productive. On the upside, I have a new paddling companion. Our much loved old dog, Banjo, breathed her last over the winter. Sula is capably reminding us of how energetic puppies tend to be. We'll soon see if she is a water dog or not. pics to come!

A supCAT starts with two pontoons and a deck. It includes a base set of ‘made to order’ features and can also include optional add-ons like: a variety of lengths and widths, several different wood species, ‘pinstripes’, a custom decal, hatches, and ‘one of a kind’ deck designs.

July 2018 was just the right time for this supCAT to get wet. It handled well and felt great. As the pics show, it nicely fits two people.

There's something about wood boats that is hard to quantify. For me as a builder, I love the smell when I'm working the wood into shape, the feel of a spokeshave as it moves across a piece of wood, and the look of the wood as it comes alive under epoxy or varnish. As a paddler, the feel of a wood boat as it slips through the water is very satisfying.

For the past few (winter) months, we've been developing a set of plans as well as kits for those who want to build their own. Of course, we're more than happy to talk and come up with a plan for your own custom supCAT.

April 3, 2019
Canocopia has come and gone. This weekend is rumored to be in the 60° range. The ice on the lakes may finally start melting. A new drysuit waits for its first use. Time to chase some icebergs!