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picture of a paddleboard featuring two pontoons and a deck.

December 2, 2019
Sometimes it's the journey. Other times it's the destination. We are lucky enough to have the Wisconsin River close by. Fall water is low. This means sandbars. Lots of sandbars. Perfect for a weekend camping trip, which happens to be perfect for a supCAT. Paddle-powered boats make it easy for a short notice get away to awesome places like your very own sandbar on the river! Try it - we think you'll like it!

A supCAT starts with two pontoons and a deck. It includes a base set of ‘build to order’ features and can also include optional add-ons like: a variety of lengths and widths, several different wood species, ‘pinstripes’, a custom decal, hatches, and ‘one of a kind’ deck designs.

There's something about wood boats that is hard to quantify. For me as a builder, I love the smell when I'm working the wood into shape, the feel of a spokeshave as it moves across a piece of wood, and the look of the wood as it comes alive under epoxy or varnish. As a paddler, the feel of a wood boat as it slips through the water is very satisfying.

Pictures below are from the July 2018 supCAT splash. It handled well and felt great. As the pics show, it nicely fits two people.