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Deck can be built to hold coolers, rod holders, and more.

#10 - Fiberglass and epoxy have an interesting, historical, and global tale to tell. Regardless of all that, fiberglass and epoxy do a fabulous job stiffening, strengthening, and adding beauty to wood. This is a shot immediately after adding a first pour to the deck of a supCAT. It never gets old watching the cloth change from dry, silvery white to invisible, saturated glass fibers. Amazing stuff. It's just as interesting to watch wood, whether natural or dyed, go from a dull, matte color and appearance, to a vivid, rich saturated color, like the red does in the above image as you look first at the far right side and then at the left.

   There is beaucoup room, as the french say, for personal expression on a supCAT. Pinstripes, as seen above, are a great example. On this deck, the pinstripe wood is natural white pine separating pieces of red- and blue-dyed white pine.

   The length of the deck on a standard supCAT allows for about three feet of pontoon behind it. That length is angled in and down such that the top deck is sloped. This offers a ‘look’ in homage to the barrel backs of classic Chris Craft boats from back in the day. It's a look that supCAT admires, but it is also an option that can be changed as desired by the new owner. So look around you next time you are out and note the lines that catch your eye. Maybe they are something that can be built into your very own supCAT!