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Quiet. Courtesy of hand built, custom-shaped pontoons

picture of a paddleboard featuring two pontoons and a deck.

#12 - There's nothing like a sunrise paddle on a lake up north. Or south for that matter. Mist on the water, loons calling, and the sun rising through wind twisted branches of ancient white pines. Picture your supCAT gliding through this setting, silent save for the water dripping off the edge of your paddle. Loons call, mist rises, and you paddle quiet and effortless, taking in the start of one more day on our planet. A quiet boat fits right in to this setting. v-shaped (aka displacement) pontoon hulls cut through the water, like a kayak, instead of slapping it like a flat bottom surfboard does. A long length at the waterline makes for a long glide and straight tracking, so you can concentrate on what's around you, instead of keeping your board pointed in the right direction. supCATs fit this setting, just like each supCAT fits its paddler.