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DIY kits for building your own catasup

picture of a paddleboard featuring two pontoons and a deck.

Q: What is a kit?
A:  A kit is a box of unassembled materials, pre-cut into ‘right-sized’ pieces. Everything(**) needed to build the finished product. A supCAT boards kit is:

Is it that simple? Kind of. Each supCAT board is custom. So before supCAT boards sends you the kit, we need to have a couple phone chats, or emails, and come to an explicit agreement on length, width, wood species, and some design issues like the design and layout of the deck. An important part of the kit is that the wood pieces are pre-cut, which eliminates the need for a table saw or band saw to rip the lumber into the ‘ready to use’ pieces.

Q: What does the builder need to provide?
A: Tools. The builder needs to have: