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picture of a supCAT under construction

updated May 31, 2020
This remains my favorite option in all of supCAT. The mix of thinking, working, talking and doing are just right! The pleasures of board building work across time zones and state lines. supCAT boards is mobile, so if you're hunting for a unique gift, or you and a few buddies are up for it, let's talk and arrange a building session at your place. supCAT boards can bring kits, ready to go, or if the tools and wood are available, the materials can be cut and prepared as part of the building session. Schedule and logistics are arranged the old fashioned way with phone calls and email. We can bring our tools to your location, or yours can be used, provided the saw blade is sharp and there's a lumber yard somewhere half way close. We'll even bring a few supCATs along for some after hours paddling excursions, until yours is complete.

A typical class is five full days when kits are brought along with materials already cut. Without the pre-cut kit, add two more day to get everything setup and cut. They can be as long or as short as desired, as long as it is clear to both parties what is left undone and if something is undone that the builder has done it before.