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supCAT boards Privacy Policy

picture of a paddleboard featuring two pontoons and a deck.

- It is the early part of 2019 and supCAT boards privacy policy is pretty simple. We do not collect any user information, not even your email address. I hope you will remember this site and this business, but we do not call, email, store, or resell user data from or for this website.

Privacy is a multi-headed beast. Of recent interest is the GDPR. Basically, this is the European response to Facebook's many trespasses on user data. Other issues include the impact of the Supreme Court case featuring South Dakota's assertion that they should be collecting sales tax from all sales made to or from entities in South Dakota. SoDak won that case, which means that online retailers at some point need to begin collecting sales tax regardless of whether or not they have a ‘nexus’ in SoDak. This has financial implications for online retailers, but it also bleeds down into collecting and keeping user data, etc. I think this is prime terrain for Paypal to enter. I think Paypal has a great position to offer a product that makes it easy for online retailers to collect sales tax as newly mandated by the above Supreme Court case. There are about 13,000 different tax collecting entities in the USA, ranging from state to county to municipal, and even more detailed than that. For supCAT boards, finding the correct sales tax rate to charge a client is a formidable task. There is no one place to gol, that this writer is aware of, that offers an accurate list of which charges to add to an invoice based upon where the client is located.

For most online retailers (like supCAT boards), the difficulty navigating this new issue of a tax on an online sale is ‘what is the tax percentage?’ closely followed by ‘where and when do I send it?’. Which gets us back to privacy concerns and the whole point of this page on this site for this company.

I think it fair to write then, that this simple privacy policy may evolve as market conditions change. Also, one last note- supCAT boards has no presence on Facbook at this time. That will hopefully change as we emerge further into the paddleboard marketplace. FB remains the 800 lb gorilla when it comes to getting marcomm materials out where the public may opt to view it. At some point we will need to pay attention to that. We're happy to look at any advice readers of this site may have when it comes to what they (dis)like about brands's presence and activity on Facebook.