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DIY plans for building your own supCAT

picture of a paddleboard featuring two pontoons and a deck.

March 28, 2019
Plans for building your own DIY supCAT are moving right along.

Why a set of plans? Questions tend to revolve around the pontoons. The issue and choice of how to shape a pontoon, such that it gradually tapers to the bow and stern, and calculating the volume of a pontoon so the builder can zero in on an overall size of the pontoon in order to get enough buoyancy to float the paddler. Truly a mouthful. It's manageable, but the best custom answer that best fits each builder/paddler requires a bit of math, pretty much back of the envelope calculating. The answers to those questions are in the set of plans and are translated into a set of drawings that can be all you need to make your own, OR can be a starting point for you to create your ‘one of a kind’ pontoon-based supCAT or catasup, or padamaran, or whatever you choose to call it.