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DIY plans for building your own supCAT

picture of a paddleboard featuring two pontoons and a deck.

July 23,2022
Plans for building your own DIY supCAT remain a core part of supCAT boards.

How is a plan different from a kit? A plan is logical and virtual, while a kit is physical. A kit includes the pre-cut wood pieces, while a plan explains how to do the cutting and offers none of the wood. You have to source everything, buy it, cut it, and store it. So the diff is large between plan and a kit!
     Questions tend to revolve around the pontoons. The issue and choice of how to shape a pontoon, such that it gradually tapers to the bow and stern, and calculating the volume of a pontoon so the builder can zero in on an overall size of the pontoon in order to get enough buoyancy to float the paddler. Truly a mouthful. It's manageable, but the best custom answer that best fits each builder/paddler requires a bit of math, pretty much back of the envelope calculating. The answers to those questions are in the set of plans and are translated into a set of drawings that can be all you need to make your own, OR can be a starting point for you to create your ‘one of a kind’ pontoon-based supCAT or catasup, or padamaran, or whatever you choose to call it.