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Fiberglass and MAS Epoxy Cover the Surface

picture of adding fiberglass to a supCAT pontoon

#5 - After some quality time on a strongback, the supCAT goes to a pair of cradles. Like a traditional surfboard, a supCAT has surface area on four sides. Holding a supCAT on edge offers a good angle and view to pour and spread epoxy and spread the fiberglass cloth out in as straight and wrinkle-free manner as possible. It's a manageable problem with a pair of cradles and makes this part of building a supCAT fairly enjoyable. Watching the wood go from matte to vibrant and watching the silvery white cloth go transparent never gets old.

    This is my favorite part of building any board. As always, patience is called for. The epoxy needs to soak and saturate both the cloth and the underlying wood, the puddle of epoxy needs to be spread in all directions without disrupting the cloth, and excess epoxy needs to be moved from where it may be pooling to other areas where the cloth is dry. Slowly. As with varnishing, bounced light really helps in spotting the thick and thin areas of epoxy. Great stuff!