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Pontoons are Custom Built for each supCAT

picture of a paddleboard featuring two pontoons and a deck.

#2 - pontoons in this model are white pine; deck is white pine dyed both red and blue...

   Pontoon pairs are sized for a specified weight plus an ‘extra’ factor. That extra factor is one piece of the conversation between the paddler and supCAT boards. Conservative boat design best practice suggests that each pontoon be capable of supporting the ‘designed for’ load. As one would expect, this turns out pontoons twice the size of those needed for every day occurrences.

   Pontoon volume is on a scale. One end is the conservative data point equal to x2 the expected weight. The other end is murky, as are the points in between. That safety, extra load fudge factor is one of the items taken into account for each supCAT and its individual paddler.